How do I make payment?

Once you've submitted your shopping cart, we will review the items on orders.

We will need to make sure they are legit. Please see this page to find out more.

Once we've approved the orders, they will be ready for payment.

When you have orders waiting for payment, the blue button on the top left corner of the page will have a badge:

The number on the badge shows how many orders are waiting for payment.

Clicking the button will bring you to the [My Shopping Spree] page, filtering the orders showing only those that waiting for payment, and have them selected for payment as well.

Clicking the [Confirm Payment] button will bring up this dialog:

If it is your first time making payment, clicking the [Account Top Up] will take you to the [Payment Pass Setup] page. Follow the instructions to setup the payment pass.

On the [Top Up] page, click the [Pay by PayPal] button to make payment at PayPal.

Back at the [My Shopping Spree] page, click [Yes] on this dialog:

 It will refresh your account balance on your [Confirm Payment] dialog:

You can then enter the [Payment Pass] you've setup before. This will then transfer the [Payment Amount] from your [Account Balance] in SpreeNow to your orders.

You can go to [My Account Balance] page to check the transactions.