About Us

Welcome to SpreeNow.

We are your one-stop solution to your online shopping adventure in China.

Online shopping in China can really be oozing with fun. Well, at least when you have chosen the right Shopping Assistance Service.

SpreeNow was officially founded in 2009. We were operating "sprees" among forums since 2007 and established a Shopping Assistance Service website in 2009. We have many years of experience in the e-commerce market in China.

Just to name a few, with SpreeNow, you can:

  • Shop at any online shopping mall in China spend less by combined shipping to overseas destination.
  • Save money with our discounted international shipping services.
  • Pay with our numerous payment options, such as credit card.
  • Let us do the heavy lifting of ordering from multiple sources, while you dip your hand into your bag of chips or enjoy your cup of tea.
  • Request any extra service such as customizing your order, additional packaging protection, shipping insurances, etc.

As a reputable Shopping Assistant Service business, we strive to win your heart with our commitment, expertise and enthusiasm.

We are also verified by Godaddy SSL to provide a safe and secure environment for your protection.

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