How much is the international shipping fee?

We need to know exactly how heavy is the package in order to give you a meaningful quote.

The exact shipping fee will depend on the weight of the package. We will only know when all your products have arrived at our office and packed.

However, you can estimate the shipping fee if you know roughly how heavy the order will be.

This can be done using the shipping fee calculator here.

Keep in mind that international shipping fee is INDEPENDENT from order value. (In other words, it has absolutely NO relation to how much your order is worth)

Extreme example:

Dumbell's value = 100 Yuan (including domestic postage within China)

Dumbell's weight = 5kg

Shipping to USA by EMS = 549 Yuan

Total cost = 100 Yuan + 10 Yuan service fee + 549 Yuan EMS = 659 Yuan

The above example shows that if you can get a similar item from your local retailer at 300 Yuan, then it makes sense to buy locally instead of ordering from China, even though at first sight it seems to be so much cheaper than your local retailer without considering the international shipping fee.