What is Shopping Assistance Service?

Shopping Assistance Service is just as the name suggests. SpreeNowShop provides Shopping Assistance Service for international customers who wish to do online shopping in China from overseas.

You may want to know this: Why Shopping Assistance Service is a MUST when you want to do online shopping in China?

  • You know that products from China are of great value, but you may not know the pitfalls of online shopping in China.
  • You do not understand Chinese language, and you need some help even when online translation tools are easily available.
  • You do not have a bank account in China.
  • You do not have a postal address in China.
  • You want to buy many products from different sellers or even different websites, but international shipping costs a lot more when products are shipped individually instead of in a combined package.
  • You want to avoid expensive international shipping costs when the wrong item has been sent and you need to do exchange.

SpreeNowShop's Shopping Assistance Service will save you a lot of trouble and money!