How to fix dokibook ring binder gap

We have many customers asking how to fix the dokibook ring binder when the rings have gaps. So I have created this video to help you fix it if yours has this problem.

I would have written a guide, but it is kind of hard to put into words, so I created a video instead, as it will show you exactly how it is done with my demonstration.

If you have a habit of opening the rings with the rings themselves instead of the levers at the top and bottom, the rings will have gaps after some time. To avoid that, please use the levers.

This video shows how to fix the rings if there are gaps when the rings are closed.

Basically, you have to misalign the problematic ring's halves and press them together (pass each other) gently but firmly when the binder is in the closed position.

If you over adjust, the other rings will also have slight gaps. (Try not to over adjust, as the video shows, I had to fix the other affect rings).

It would be helpful if you have a friend with strong hands and fingers. Make sure you ask him/her to be gentle.

If the rings do not meet each other at the same level, this video also shows you how to give it a little tap to make the ring halves meet perfectly again.

Thank you for watching.